Many people make the mistake of assuming that a problematic drain is simply clogged. Often the problem is more complicated and you need to rely on professionals who have the relevant experience and equipment. A drain that is damaged or has collapsed can put you and everyone in your home or office at risk due to increased chances of flooding water or sewage. 


We use specialised equipment to find the problem and fix it


Our advanced CCTV camera system puts an end to guesswork and unnecessary digging to locate the cause of a blocked drain. This highly effective technology not only shows us the cause of the blockage but can also give an instant insight into the depth and degree of the blockage or damage to the pipes, determining whether or not they need repairing or replacing. This means we can carry out a full drain inspection, implement a solution more effectively, and replace or repair damaged or broken pipes with the minimum of inconvenience, mess and cost to you.


Unblocking drains is common practice at Pro Plumbing & Gas, using our high pressure water system to clean out drains, storm water pipes and toilets to remove any debris causing the blockage


Our prompt service will help minimise the inconvenience and hassle that a problematic drain incurs.


Call Pro Plumbing & Gas for immediate assistance for all your drainage problems.


At Pro Plumbing & Gas we know that when you experience a problem with a drain, it needs to be attended to and repaired as quickly as possible. Left unattended a blocked drain can cause major household disruption and damage. 


Not just a simple blockage!









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